Pubblicazioni Scientifiche

Patient’s perception of teleconsultation during the COVID19 pandemic: A cross-national study.

Baudier P., Kondrateva G., Ammi C., Chang V., Schiavone F.
In corso di pubblicazione su Technological Forecasting and Social Change. (Fascia “A” Anvur)

"How does Artificial Intelligence enable and enhance Value Co-creation in Industrial Markets? An Exploratory Case Study in the Healthcare Ecosystem”.

Leone D., Schiavone F., Appio F., Chiao B.
In corso di pubblicazione su Journal of Business Research. (Fascia “A” Anvur)

Digital transformation in healthcare: Analyzing the current state-of-research.

Kraus S., Schiavone F., Pluzhnikova A., Invernizzi A.C.
Journal of Business Research, Volume 123, pp. 557-567, 2021 (Fascia “A” Anvur)

Analyzing the macro-level determinants of user entrepreneurship. The moderating role of the national culture.

Kalisz D., Schiavone F., Rivieccio G., Viala C., Chen J.
In corso di pubblicazione su Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (Fascia “A” Anvur)

The macro-level determinants of user entrepreneurship: An explorative cross-country analysis in the healthcare sector.

Schiavone F., Rivieccio G., Paolone F., Rocca A.
In corso di pubblicazione su Management Decision (Fascia “A” Anvur)

Re-designing the service experience in the value co-creation process: An exploratory study of a healthcare network.

Schiavone F., Leone D., Sorrentino A., Scaletti, A.
Business Process Management Journal, Vol. 26 No. 4, pp. 889-908, 2020 (Fascia “A” Anvur)

Antecedents of Use of E-Health Services in Central Eastern Europe: A Qualitative Comparison Analysis.

Ćwiklicki M., Schiavone F., Klich J., & Pilch K.
BMC Health Services Research, 20, article number: 171, 2020 (Fascia “A” Anvur)