RNI Italia is VIMASS Partner for Innovation

RNI Italia is the main link for Italy to the community of reasearchers that forms the Research Network on Innovation. The Research Network on Innovation was founded in 2006 aiming at developing a better understanding of:

  • the knowledge based economy
  • the university-industry linkages
  • the intellectual property rights issues

More specifically, RNI Italia aims to bring together Italian researchers and experts on innovation on issues related to the innovation capacities in the field of research and business and to competitiveness of the italian economy in the european context.

To know more about RNI activities:
To become a member of RNI:
Contact information RNI Italia:

On this page, you will find events information and call for papers to conferences and publications. Specific events organised by RNI Italia will also be presented

Spring of innovation 2022 (Innovation and biosourced production chains):

Forum Innovation 2022 (Research & Innovation policies in Europe):

Call for papers Journal of Innovation Economics and Management:

Read some articles from Journal of Innovation Economics and Management:

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